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Praise for BrandDigital

My first impression on opening BrandDigital was that this book is written exactly how I like books to be written. The chapters are clearly defined and the concepts and topics discussed in the book are presented in a simple manner devoid of corporate rhetoric and extraneous information that does little more than clutter an otherwise good read.”

Susan Gunelius

Bringing the tried and true successful branding practices into the 21st century in business language – not high tech jargon.”

Clive Chajet
Chairman of Chajet Consultancy LLC

As the digital world rapidly advances, so must our branding practices. Allen’s latest book provides profound and practical advice to help set a clear path through this branding quagmire. A must for any brand practitioner.”

Ed Faruolo
VP Brand Development, Lincoln Financial

BrandDigital is an excellent handbook for the 21st Century brand manager. It is a modern worldview still true to time-honored, immutable brand management concepts.”

Russ Klein
President of Global Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Burger King

This is one of most enjoyable behind-the-scenes discussions of the best lessons in digital marketing. Readers can immediately take advantage of what is revealed here. Some of the best, most sage advice on the subject.”

Gary Elliott
Vice President of Corporate and Brand Marketing, Hewlett-Packard

Virtually every marketing campaign – no matter how large or how small – should have some kind of online component. Once again, Allen Adamson has done a truly remarkable job making sense out of an extremely complex and often confusing topic.”

Kevin Lane Keller
E.B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College

As the pace of digital technology increases, the job of a marketer simultaneously gets more complicated and more exciting. But as Allen Adamson points out so powerfully in BrandDigital, the basic rules of brand building still apply. He shows how authentic storytelling and relevance become even more powerful for those who harness digital.”

Beth Comstock
Chief Marketing Officer, GE

Allen Adamson is the perfect guide for how we should think about branding in the digital age. BrandDigital is the first book that shows how to build a brand collaboratively with consumers who are engaged, connected and ready to participate.”

Mark Addicks
Chief Marketing Officer, General Mills

Adamson’s book reminds us that brands are more important than ever, and their stewards have a more challenging and potentially rewarding mandate in the multidimensional world the digital revolution has created.”

Becky Saeger
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Charles Schwab

As Allen Adamson suggests, the principles behind building a successful brand are the same regardless of the industry. BrandDigital will be a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the dynamics governing consumers’ relationship to brands, whether online or offline.”

Bob Pittman
Founding Member, Pilot Group, Co-Founder of MTV and former COO of America Online and AOL Time Warner

BrandDigital makes it clear that successfully building, managing and nurturing a brand in a digital age requires participating in a conversation with your customer every day. Mr. Adamson illustrates how building a brand isn’t a campaign or a department, it’s everything you do to create a compelling, differentiated customer experience and to look at each customer touch point as a “brand moment.” By weaving together the proven principles of great brand marketing with the new opportunities and realities of digital media, this book creates the path forward for all marketers, regardless of the industry.”

Allen Olivo
Vice President of Global Brand Marketing, Yahoo

Adamson makes an important contribution to both the literatures of branding and interactive marketing, namely, that the two disciplines have become one in the same. And good news for marketing veterans, he reminds us that the fundamentals of brand-building have not changed as the world has gone digital, merely the tactics and technologies at our disposal to converse with customers.”

Chas Edwards
Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer, Federated Media

BrandDigital articulates the central role which storytelling and consumer inspiration play for every successful business. Building and sustaining brand power is even tougher in our new digital age, when speed and competition raise the bar for all brand marketers. Allen Adamson uses insightful and illustrative examples to challenge every reader to move to the next level. Game on!”

Jeffrey Bell
Corporate Vice President, Xbox Global Marketing, Microsoft

The idea of simplicity in a digital world is both refreshing and in great demand. Allen Adamson shares engaging stories and case studies that will enlighten and entertain those who are new to the digital marketing space as well as those who simply have become overwhelmed with it. In a marketing environment that is increasingly siloed between the digital and the non-digital, this book offers terrific thinking for those with their eye on the bigger picture, the “brand ball.” In a world where one size does NOT fit all, Adamson offers insights that allow marketers to master the digital world without forgetting everything else.”

Julie Roehm
Founder/Marketing Consultant, Backslash Meta, LLC

A brand is not just a promise, but a promise delivered. BrandDigital promises to show marketers and their value-chain partners how to navigate the ever-expanding opportunities presented by digital media – and it delivers a set of well-argued principles, illustrated by compelling cases. Brand guru Allen Adamson is a brand to watch.”

Randall Rothenberg
President & CEO, Interactive Advertising Bureau

This is a very necessary, and very successful attempt to bridge the two words of conventional brand marketing and new media thinking. It’s an extremely welcome read for those of us who believe you can change your bathwater without losing the baby.”

Rory Sutherland
Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy Group UK, London

In BrandSimple, Allen Adamson provided a straightforward, jargon-free explanation of how the best brands are built and why they continue to succeed. In BrandDigital he uses the same simple, jargon-free approach to demystify how the best brands are built in the world of personal, portable, digital communications. Filled with fascinating examples and practical advice and exercises, Adamson clearly demonstrates how the most powerful brands today use digital technology to their advantage – and for the benefit of their customers.”

Eric Kessler
Co-President, HBO

While many think the rules of branding have changed as a result of digital technology, in BrandDigital Allen Adamson proves that these rules have not changed at all, but rather, have been magnified. Digital technology makes it both easier and more critical to gain great insights about our customers, to communicate with them in a way that is relevant to their needs, and to deliver on our brands’ promises. Everything we know to be true about building a good brand is still true, even more so, and Adamson shows and tells why.”

Cleve Langton
Author of New Business Lessons From Madison Avenue

The digital experience has radically transformed how brands are connecting with consumers. This book contains the recipe for success in today’s dynamic and fluid marketplace.”

Shelley Zalis
CEO and Founder, OTX Research

One of the things that makes CPG Marketing a phenomenal adventure is the constant change in the consumer conversation…to stand still, to rely on the same vehicles year after year is to pronounce death upon a brand. In BrandDigital, Adamson examines ways in which marketers have evolved the conversation and deepened brand relationships. It’s an in-depth look at the role of new digital tools to keep timeless brands fresh, relevant and compelling for consumers of today!”

Bridgette Heller
President of Baby Care GBU, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

There is no denying that we are in the era of the digital age. The array of tools available to marketers in this static medium is infinite, and most importantly, ripe with possibilities for more direct customer interaction than ever before. However, as Allen Adamson notes, just as we can see consumers with more clarity, they can see brands with equal clarity. BrandDigital is a clear and concise resource that enables marketers to better understand these endless possibilities and think about how to navigate this technological frontier to build brands to be even better.”

Betsy Olum
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sephora

BrandDigital wonderfully frames, and helps makes sense of the ever-dynamic digital landscape. Allen Adamson underscores that for all the new possibilities digital advancements provide, they ultimately exist to serve the larger needs of marketers, brands, and most importantly consumers, the truest ‘brand owners.’ “

John Partilla, President
Time Warner Global Media Group

Digital marketing has changed the marketing and media landscape in a profound and dramatic way. It has opened the door for new innovations in marketing, enabling companies to reach their target consumers more efficiently and effectively than ever before. And yet, the core principles for building enduring brands remain the same. Allen does a super job explaining how digital marketing is, and will continue to revolutionize marketing. A must read.”

Deepak Advani
Chief Marketing Officer and SVP, eCommerce