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The Edge

The Edge answers the question of why some brands are able to dominate and maintain superiority, while others ascend quickly and descend just as fast.

Allen Adamson brings to life the rules of smart brand-building in simple, no-nonsense, fast-paced style, pulling together tips and insights from an impressive list of the most successful names in marketing, media, technology and entertainment.”

Eric Kessler
President and Chief Operating Officer, HBO

What would you give to know the inside tricks of dozens of today’s power brands? Allen lets you in on many of them. You read The Edge and you understand how virtually all of this century’s cool brands got that way.”

Edward Vick
Chairman, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

This is a fast and intimate view of what makes successful brands and the icons behind them. Truly news you can use.”

Faith Popcorn
CEO, Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve